We fund preventive research into meningitis & associated diseases

The driving force behind Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research is families and communities who have been affected by meningitis, sepsis and other associated diseases. Research is the key to eradicate all forms of the disease. Your support ensures our vital work continues.

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We’re here if you need support

Meeting someone with first-hand knowledge of how devastating these diseases are can be helpful for those who need support through their initial grief and trauma.

Our founder Steve Dayman who lost his son Spencer from bacterial meningitis and sepsis in 1982 is here to offer his support and guidance to families who are experiencing the same loss for as long as it’s needed.

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Spencer Dayman Research Laboratories

The Spencer Dayman Meningitis Laboratories at the University of Bristol were established in 2002 at a cost of three quarters of a million pounds. With a generous kick-start donation from the Almondsbury based charity The Starfish Trust. Families throughout the UK who had experienced the devastation that meningitis and sepsis causes, rallied successfully to raise the balance of the funds required to complete this unique and much valued facility.

Researchers at the laboratories are focused on diverse aspects of science aimed at eradicating the devastating diseases meningitis and related diseases such as sepsis. They focus on research to understand how the bacteria are transmitted, how they interact with other cells and tissues at the molecular level to cause disease.

The researchers also investigate how vaccines in current use impact bacterial carriage and disease. Both common and rare causes of meningitis and sepsis are investigated, identifying new data to aid the fight against these diseases.

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These 2 plaques in the hallway of the laboratories list the names of loved ones lost to meningitis, sepsis and other related infections. Their families helped raise the funds to establish this state of the art facility.

Research is the key to eradicate all forms of the disease and your support ensures our vital work continues.

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The Research Goes On

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