The Research Goes On

Not all cases of meningitis and sepsis are vaccine preventable. Many are still causing death and life-long disabilities in the UK every year. Many others live with the lifelong impact of these terrible diseases.

Our main focus at Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research is to financially support scientific research into all forms of meningitis, sepsis and associated diseases.

Advancing education in the prevention and treatment of meningitis

The objectives of Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research are to advance the education of the public in general (and particularly amongst scientists) in the prevention and treatment of meningitis and other associated diseases by promoting and funding research for the public benefit in all aspects of that subject and to publish the useful results.

For the public benefit, to relieve the needs of those affected by meningitis and other associated diseases, and their families, by means of:

  • The provision of peer-to-peer support
  • Raising public awareness

Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research is a voluntary organisation. The driving forces behind this charity are families and communities who have been affected by meningitis, sepsis and other associated diseases. Together with the support of the general public, the research goes on.

Our Latest Research

Our Founder

Steve Dayman MBE

Steve started the meningitis movement 40 years ago when he lost his baby son Spencer aged 14 months to bacterial meningitis and sepsis. For the past four decades he has dedicated his life to fighting these devastating diseases.

Steve’s Journey

Steve Dayman

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Volunteers play an essential part of Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research.

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The Research Goes On

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