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The Starfish Trust

Our grateful thanks to the Almondsbury based Starfish Trust, set up by business couple Charlie and Mary Dobson. 

Together with their son Julian and his wife Suzanne they have supported our meningitis cause over the years by making grants of over £450,000 including the initial core funding for the development of the Spencer Dayman Laboratories. 

The most recent financial contribution by The Starfish Trust was to fund the design and development of the Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research website.

“We have supported the meningitis movement since Steve Dayman lost his little boy Spencer to meningitis and sepsis. In those days there were no vaccines to protect against the disease. Now there are five vaccines available on the NHS in the UK. We are proud to have played a part in this progress.”

Starfish Trust Chairman Charlie Dobson

B&A Group

The Bristol based company offering materials management, land regeneration and aggregates services has supported the meningitis cause now for over 40 years. The family run business has a special relationship with our founder Steve Dayman and has supported Steve and his wife Gloria ever since they lost their 14-month-old little boy Spencer from meningitis and sepsis in November 1982.

B&A Groups founders Jimmy and Margaret Berkely have been lifelong friends of Steve and Gloria. Sadly, Jimmy passed away in 2003. Two of his sons, Kevin and Aidan together with daughter Clare continue to run this successful enterprise.

“We are pleased to continue to support Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research in its fight to save more lives through scientific preventative research. We have been amazed by the progress that’s been made over the years and have no doubt the charity will raise and provide the funding to enable scientists to continue their vital work.”

B&A Director Clare Berkely


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Starfish Trust

The Starfish Trust

B and A Group

B&A Group

Edison Ford

Edison Ford

Voodoo Design Works

Voodoo Design Works

The Barratt Foundation

The Charles Lewis Foundation

The de Lazlo Foundation

Peter Green Chilled

West End Investments

The Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust

The Oakdale Trust

The Annandale Charitable Trust

The Hospital Saturday Fund

The Hilda Clark Memorial Fund

The Triplow Charitable Trust

The Peter Storrs Trust

The Dezna Robins Jones Charitable Trust

The Santa Barbara Heights Charitable Trust

Wessex Water

Sylvia Aitken's Charitable Trust

Sir Samuel Scott of Yews Trust

Balla Group

The Elizabeth Way Trust

The Bryan Guinness Trust

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