Rubie’s Meningitis Story

Meningitis Stories

Rubie, a normal baby, began showing symptoms that initially appeared to be a common cold. Sadly, it was far more serious than that, her parents pick up the story.

“As we awoke the next morning at 4.10am Rubie had become cold, limp and was breathing shallowly. After calling 999, within minutes the first responder arrived, quickly followed by an ambulance which took Rubie to the Royal Stoke University Hospital, where the Paediatric Intensive Care team tried to establish what was wrong, eventually managing to stabilise her. Despite her brave fight, sadly Rubie was lost to the angels at 9.15am on May 22 as it was discovered she had bacterial meningitis – with no rash and no symptoms.

“As Rubie’s body had warmed up there was a bulge on her head, this is one of the signs of meningitis as the brain swells. Everything just stops and parts of the body shut down, leaving us grief-stricken, lost and totally numb.

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