The Spencer Dayman Laboratories acquires a Qubit Flex Flourometer

The Qubit Flex Flourometer will greatly enhance our ongoing Group A Strep study.


The Spencer Dayman Laboratories have recently acquired a Qubit Flex Flourometer to enhance our ongoing Group A Strep study. This cutting-edge instrument offers the capability to rapidly and precisely measure the quantities of DNA, RNA, protein, and endotoxin in up to eight samples concurrently. This advanced technology significantly expedites the process while ensuring accurate results. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust for their generous grant, which made this acquisition possible. The Qubit Flex Flourometer will undoubtedly enhance our research capabilities and contribute to the successful advancement of our Group A Strep study.

Photo: Dr Anu Goenka, Dr Alice Halliday and Steve Dayman.

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